donderdag 27 november 2014

Magic Ice by Moos

Magic ice

My LO:

RAK: Mily Photography

A Time of Wonder by Angelique's Scraps

A Time of Wonder de Angelique's Scraps

My LO:

RAK: Mily Photography

Vintage Season by Lalie

Vintage season

Template by Manue

RAK: Bianca
Model: Sylvie 

Lazy Afternoon by Fanette

My LO:

RAK: Natascha
Model: Lotta 

Au nom de la rose by Fanette Design

RAK: Mariska
Model: Megan 

Merry Christmas Collab by Samal & Rossi Designs

My LO:

RAK: Bianca
Model: Jenna 

Celebrate The Season by Ilonka's Scrapbook Designs

Celebrate The Season Elements by Ilonkas Scrapbook Designs

With 20% off till November 27th.

Templ. by Celinoa

My Page

RAK: Laura
Model: Delaney

vrijdag 14 november 2014

vrijdag 7 november 2014

Vaniilla & Mocha by Angel's

More than two days to take advantage of 30% on her latest collection!

My LO:

RAK: Bianca
Model: Jenna 

Templ: by Me, Dutch Diva Design